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I ordered a set of FOUR wheels through custom and out of the 4 asanti sent 2 had to be sent back due to chips and dents. Then 1 of the 2 replacements had to be sent back.

Then that replacement had to be sent back. So after 2 months and 8 wheels sent back and forth to custom offsets i finally get them delivered. Then the tires from lexani had to returned due to severe wobble. Then the new tires were put on and the tire shop said there is a visible bend in one wheel.

So now i have to cover the shipping cost of one heavy *** 26 inch wheel to and from ASANTI.

What a *** *** *** company with no quality control or *** givin about their customers! HEY ASANTI, *** YOU TOO!

Product or Service Mentioned: Asanti Rim.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Asanti Wheel Co and Wheel Pros - Horrible

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I just recently went through the same time of garbage with Asanti. In 2012, I purchased a set of 22" AF-128's for my Chrysler 300.

After about 3 years, somewhere along the line, one of the wheels got a crack in one of the spokes. I spoke with Asanti and they had me send it in to them for inspection and repair through my local American Tire. They sat on the wheel for 5 week before finally getting to the inspection and telling me that it could not be repaired and it was not under their "lifetime warranty" and I had to buy a new wheel. I had already spent in excess of $4000 on the original set, but what else could I do?

The car was not going to drive on three wheels. I shelled out almost a grand to purchase a new wheel. The promised it to me in 4 weeks and after 4 weeks, of course, no wheel. They told me it would take two more weeks and then after two more weeks, no wheel.

I finally got pissed and began posting things on social media and sending emails to every email address at Asanti and Wheel Pros that I could and I got an email back from the CEO of Wheel Pros, Randy White. He put the head of Asanti on it, and it turns out they had done nothing. It took them two days to build me the wheel and I should have it by Thursday. They lied to me for almost three months and I am now hoping to finally have my wheel.

The kicker is, after getting in touch with their CEO and the head of Asanti, all they did was build me a wheel and send it to me. They didn't offer me a thing to rectify all the lies they told and crappy customer service. Not a thing. T-Shirt, sticker, heck a penny?

Not a thing. The worst customer service of any company I have ever dealt with.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $850.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Decatur, Georgia, United States #1260595

Asanti are entry level wheels . I don't know why anyone will put them on their car.

My car is 85k dollars I won't put any Asanti on mines . I rather put Mht forged or even some highend Japanese made wheels on . These wheels are like the mainstream of wheels similar to things you find at Walmart . All I can say is don't be loyal to them as they will show you no love .

Their wheels are cheaply made , I've seen some that leaks between the seal on multipiece wheels. If you're considering quality wheels try Jdm wheels. Their made in Japan ,most of them are forged 3 piece .

I would never own any asanti .

Asanti Rim Company is Horrible


I went to a dealer to purchase Asanti Rims and the first tire company said they wont work with Asanti at all be because of Asanti's internal issues. I was so *** bent on getting the rims that I ignored their warnings and went to another distributor to get the rims.

The Asanti company is the worst. Customer service is beyond the worst. Eleven weeks later and still no rims. The dealer is beyond frustrated with them.

They keep pushing the dates and breaking promises. I don't know how they make money when treating consumers so badly.

We have 5 drivers in my home and each of us get new cars and rims every three years. Never will we go with this company again.

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Asanti Wheels


I purchased my Asanti wheels from a local auhorized dealer in tampa, Florida. I ordered Asanti Af 160 wheels witha chrome lip and silver finish face.

When the wheels arrive they were GRAY. Asanti and the dealer both claim the same thing. I did not specify a color code for the silver I wanted used so Asanti just used a generic siler which appears gray. Asanti did acknowledge that their generic silver appears gray.

I expressed to both the dealer and Asanti that i did not oder a generic silver. I asked for the silver face that Asanti has a picture of in their gallary. Neither company will accept fault and I have cover the cost to correct the color issue which will total 1200 in addition to the 4100 i have already invested in the wheels. I would not recommend that you use WheelTec of Tampa, Florida or that you purchase Asanti wheels.

Their customer service is poor and they do not cae that what you order is not what you will receive. Remember you will have already paid the dealer for your order so when they arrive and are not what you thought they would be Asanti has nothing to lose you did not pay them you paid the dealer.

do yourself a favor and look for a wheel that is similar and about half the cost. Your paying for Asanti's high end advertisement.

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Cicero, Illinois, United States #680425

Bought rims 2012 after one year started to peel, told me only good for one year warr, to me 6000 for rims that only last one year,

anyone thinking about them you should but them they will look good for one year :( :( :cry

Dallas, Texas, United States #644421

Asanti you guy's are ripp off.

Dallas, Texas, United States #644420

I first I purchase a set of asanti wheels in Dallas,tx the first mistake was they were painted not like tha picture I requested,it was very little black paint on the wheels their was much more black in tha picture in their book,they really jipped me out more money for less work,then to top it off I sent one wheel back for chrome peeling,it only took them 3 weeks to chrome and paint 4 wheels and build 4 wheel,the 1 wheel I sent back has been out for 4 week going on 5, I guess they needed that 4,300 but don't care about warranty repair because customer don't have to paid and they are dragging their ***,but never again I'm going back to forgiato never had a problem with them I've been running a set of forgiato sence 2009 no issues,very dissatisfied with asanti.

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